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Genuine Toyota Hiace Parts for all makes & models.

From general Toyota Hiace parts, to Hiace diesel and petrol engines, lights and accessories, we have thousands of Toyota spare parts on site at any one time.

If you are on the hunt for repair or replacement genuine Toyota Hiace parts, look no further than Sydney’s premiere Wreckers. With a Toyota Hiace specialist on site, we make sure we are providing genuine parts built to the same specifications as your original Hiace make and model. Tested parts are screened through rigorous testing and performance controls to ensure they are of a high-quality standard.

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If you know the part you’re looking for, simply contact us to arrange booking and delivery.

Why buy Toyota Hiace genuine auto parts?

The Toyota van and minibus offer one of the more durable and reliable commercial work vehicles out there in the market. But, as a work vehicle, businesses need to be mindful to keep costs down by making sure your Toyota Hiace last the life of the vehicle. Here at Just Commercials, we offer near-new spare parts across the full Toyota Hiace range, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new. Keep the cost of maintenance and ownership low, while ensuring your commercial vehicle lasts well into the future for the benefit of your business.

How do Just Commercials source Toyota spares?

Most of our Toyota Hilux and Hiace spares are sourced from salvage auctions through insurance companies, or from Toyota models, damaged or written-off. Our team of expert auto parts wreckers step in to evaluate the quality and suitability of these parts on our customers’ behalf. Apart from salvage sales, a small remaining portion of our Toyota stock and one-off used car parts comes from workshops, dealerships, or private individuals.

Our spare parts are selected based on stock requirements at the time. Our team of wreckers assess the extent of damage to the vehicle, the kilometre reading, and whether the vehicle is being sold for mechanical or crash parts.