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Sydney’s Largest Supply of Spare Parts in all Makes & Models.

Maintain your Vehicle for less with Genuine Auto Spares.

Here at Just Commercials, we are one for the money-wise car lover. We’re helping businesses across Sydney to source cheaper replacement parts to keep your business on the road for longer.

Depending on the kind of driving you do, some parts on your vehicle will require replacement sooner than others. A couple of things to consider when trying to manage the cost of your vehicle and when you might require parts replacement include things like:

  • What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?
  • What kind of driving are you doing?
  • Is your vehicle being used in the city, or are you driving it off road?
  • Are you using your vehicle to lift, tow and transport heavy objects?
  • How many kilometres are you putting on your vehicle annually?
  • What is the climate like where you’re driving?

General wear and tear from driving your vehicle across the years will naturally cause certain parts to wear down at a steady rate. However there are other factors, like those mentioned above, that can work to increase or decrease the rate at which certain parts wear out and need parts replacement.

Have Your Part Installed by Specialist Mechanics.

At Just Commercials, our team are trained to repair and replace spare parts for a range of makes and models. Our specialist mechanics replace every part you can think of; from engine parts to door handle spares.

The majority of our spare parts come from salvage auctions supplied to us by trusted insurance companies. Every vehicle is chosen on a needs-basis by our stock requirements at the time. Depending on the part you’re after, the make of the vehicle it’s required for, and the availability of the part in question, we’ll supply spare auto parts for a fraction of the price.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Recycled Parts.

By replacing faulty vehicle parts with second-hand auto spares, we’re helping businesses across Australia to reduce their carbon footprint and save vital resources otherwise going towards the manufacturing of new car parts. We are actively working with the Sydney auto parts community and our team of partnered recyclers to discover new ways to repurpose car materials for a greener future to come.

Drive Easy with a Three-Month Warranty Guarantee.

We have over thirty years experience in hand-selecting and buying salvage auto parts stock from the highest quality sources. And because our stock of second-hand auto parts are chosen on a needs-basis, we’re able to guarantee the quality and be generous on our used parts warranty.

Our team of trained staff will personally inspect each spare part we sell. Where possible, mechanical parts are test driven - or bench tested in the case of engine parts. If you want to be sure the spare part you’re buying is not only affordable, but reliable and durable enough to justify the outlay, our warranty is there to ease your concern.

We offer at minimum a three-month, unlimited kilometre, parts warranty on all used mechanical parts. Our warranty is negotiable, proving our confidence in our products. We’re also more than happy to discuss extended or discounted warranties when you’re purchasing from us.

How do we Source Genuine Auto Spares?

Step 1: Spare Parts Search

Our used auto parts are selected by our stock requirements at the time. We hand select the majority of our second-hand parts from damaged and written-off vehicles at salvage auctions and from insurance companies. We’ll assess the extent of damage of the vehicle and the kilometer reading against whether the vehicle is being sold for mechanical or crash parts. Apart from salvage sales, a small remaining portion of our spare parts stock comes from workshops, dealerships, or private individuals. If you know the part you’re looking for, simply contact us to arrange booking and delivery.

Step 2: Spare Parts Repair, Replacement and Fitting

We rigorously inspect body and interior parts, checking the kilometre reading, assessing the extent of damage to the vehicle itself, and determining whether the spare meets our quality assurance standards.
What’s more, we have a Ford and Transit repair specialist at our Smithfield Commercial Repairs site to handle the nitty-gritty details of fitting your auto part.

Step 3: Spare Parts Delivery, Australia-Wide

Finally, we’ll source the part you’re after at Sydney’s most competitive shipping and delivery costs - ensuring you get the part delivered straight to your door to install then and there. But it doesn’t stop in Sydney: we deliver straight to your doorstep Australia-wide. To learn more, navigate to our spare parts delivery.

Unsure of the part you need? Speak to a Mechanic today.

Some spare parts are better suited to your vehicle requirements than others. That’s why we’re more than a supplier of high-quality spare parts, we also offer expert advice in our field to help your decision-making process.

It’s our job to inform our customers throughout the process of the parts that are suitable for second-hand use; and what parts should be bought new for safety reasons, among others. To get started, speak to a Just Commercials Mechanic.